Some people have their weddings during the winter season. It’s truly a gift, an amazing thing to have your wedding in such times. It has always been great to be inspired by the nature surrounding you, and by the season you’re in. Winter has its own shapes and masks throughout different regions – in some places you get ice and snow, while in others you get sunshine or rain. Regardless of the area, a heart-warming speech is more than welcome during this season. Find HERE 25 Bride’s Father Wedding Speech Examples

What are people looking for? Some father of the bride speech secrets revealed!

father of bride speechesBefore you can have a successful bride’s father wedding speech, you need to know what people are looking for actually. Most times you might want to consider that people aren’t interested in the way you would make it longer. It’s just senseless, and boring. If you want to capture attention, you need to put the essence to the table. Guests have joined the wedding due to the friendship or compassion they feel towards the newly wedded couple. They have no interest as to how much you can speak about your own stuff.

In other words, be communicative in the way they want, not in the way you assumed. The father of the bride speech is about the bride and the groom as well, obviously having a talk about the bride within the first part of the speech. Then, of course, you can’t leave the groom out of picture because he is also very important for everyone.

Also, there are different people. Some of them could tolerate your speech for like 8 minutes while other people get bored after 3. It all depends, so what can truly help you is having a very flexible mind and mentality. You need to have the observer’s spirit, long and good enough to notice what they are looking for and what they can or can’t accept.

Sources of inspiration – what to look for?

Generally, you would be looking for everything that could ever help you with things. More specifically, if it’s the best friend, mom, cousin or whoever else you consider – they can be of real assistance. The truth is that you need to bury pride, making sure you are open-minded enough to receive other people’s suggestions and tips. This doesn’t mean you will be able to agree with everything heard, but it means you can let them speak and later you can make decisions by yourself.

Also, it is often neglected that YouTube can be of help. I mean, truly, there are foolish videos out there, able to reveal nothing else than non-sense. Still, for the father of the bride speech, some videos are cooler than assumed and can teach you valuable lessons for free.

If you are not certain about that, you can access paid content, such as books, e-books, seminars, whatever available. Still, when you purchase something, just make sure it’s high quality. Looking for products that have no feedback, no reviews but have a great seller’s text – that’s the worst idea. Finding some quality prints or e-books, which are proven to be great by dozens of satisfied customers is maybe a far better idea.

Then, you know all those cheap movie rentals your friends are talking about? Yeah, they are great for fun but maybe even better for finding original father of the bride speech ideas. I mean new movies – people probably know those, but old movies are many times real goodies. Yes, these are sources of amazing inspiration if you want to access them.

Things not to do

If it ever crossed your mind that before your father of the bride speech you should drink some alcohol to reduce the pressure and the stress, then I must tell you how wrong you are. The problem is that you won’t ever achieve that, you will never be able to reduce the stress by alcohol. But then, even if that works, you will mess up the speech or start talking about things you would rather not even mention. You know many movies and commercials making fun of wedding moments that have failed? Don’t be one of them!

Then, you shouldn’t have a shaky voice. Yes, I know you are a man and you wouldn’t always admit having many emotions. Still, if you have them, it’s not good. If you take countermeasures in advance, you will be able to eliminate most of them. Even if full elimination wouldn’t happen, you would still be able to achieve a level that allows you to have a confident voice. While you’d assume people wouldn’t notice – they actually notice, but maybe go silent about it. So, a confident voice supports a confident speech and your success will enable you to have a better presentation.

Out of rush or any other reasons, you might forget to introduce yourself. While supposedly people should know that you’re the bride’s father, they don’t necessarily know you (even if most of them do, for some guests you’re a “stranger”). So, it’s better to take precautions and present yourself. No, it’s not a bad thing and not a shame!

If you keep staring at the people you love (like your family members or best friend), it’s not a good point. It’s not that people don’t understand your feelings, but it makes the rest of the guests feel very awkward and on a secondary plan. What you might want to do is make everyone feel involved to the maximum. One of the guaranteed ways to achieve that is by keeping a moving-contact with your eyes. That means you should naturally look at people, to every one of them. It’s a good way to go about communication, and the father of the bride speech is all about communication.

Preparing as a pro

Preparing is the only thing that might assure your success. Of course, it all depends on various aspects, which will be required for success. What you need to prepare for is to have a great speech text (among other things). The main thing you should focus on is having the things you want to say. If you don’t know or if you simply thought about improvising, then it’s fairly hard to achieve anything.

You can go through multiple versions of speech text drafts, making sure that you have prepared the father of the bride speech text. It’s not a problem if you didn’t get it all right from the first moment, but it’s a real problem if you didn’t even try.

The next level of having everything as it was supposed to be is preparing for the crowd effect. You can prepare for that, like a pro, if you call your friends and have them sit on the couch while you begin talking like if it was the wedding day. They should be able to talk about your mistakes and tell you what was cool and what wasn’t as great as they would’ve expected you to be. It’s not something to be bothered about, as you should find such criticism constructive and not offensive.

Finally, you need the right suit, tie, hairstyle and body language. Choosing the right outfit is also something that can be helped by professional opinion. As far as body language goes, you need to express the right message, the right emotions. You can’t just go out and speak in front of the people as you would speak with your childhood friend. You need to make sure everything is under your control and that your body language expresses confidence, compassion, warmth and the right father of the bride attitude!

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