father of brideAs a father, you have a sense of responsibility and a sense of being a good father. As a consequence, you want to make sure that your daughter is alright, that she is in loving and caring hands. All of these things are great and normal, but you need to learn how not to exaggerate with details. You see, sooner or later, life’s course to turn your daughter into a wife and mother is normal. You should be able to rejoice and stop worrying. If you only think about how wrong it is or how you are not confident enough, you just try to stop her happiness and your own happiness as well. By doing that, you only get yourself into arguments and stress without any real purpose.

Accepting reality is a good starting point for you to be able to behave as you are supposed to. A bride’s father wedding speech needs to come from the heart and in order for it to be like that, you need commitment and good understanding.

Connect with your wife

Since you are going to give a father of the bride speech, your wife will also have her speech. If you both seem to talk about the very same things, people will act like they are appreciating the good talk, but they will not care. This happens because if you hear the same things from multiple speeches, you get bored and you stop caring.

By connecting with your wife, you will find out what she intended to talk about. You don’t need to argue or to freak out if what she is about to tell you is something you also considered saying. Such things happen frequently and it’s normal because you two are the bride’s parents. You can take some time to consult with your wife and see some strategies together to make sure you split up the talk and begin saying different things instead of talking about the same stuff. It might seem a bit more challenging in the first few minutes, but after that you will find yourselves having a lot of fun together.

Know more about your daughter’s new life

From this moment forward, you can’t continue to think about your daughter as “daddy’s little girl”, because she is now the bride-to-be. All your future communication, conversations, time spent together will include the groom as well. They are now a couple and their lives are going to be shaped by both of them together, and not by each of them individually.

With a new life, people make new plans. The same applies for the newlyweds, because they have their planes on every aspect and they are thinking about certain things, certain strategies. For the benefit of your future relationship with your daughter and a quality bride’s father speech, you need to know a lot more about her and the new plans she has.

You can simply call her daughter and tell her that you want to invite her for a cup of coffee or something. While drinking the coffee and spending some time with her, you get to know more and to find out more. The more you find out, the better your father of the bride speech is shaped. I am saying this because the speech needs to show everyone that you are involved, that you care about your daughter and that you support her in every decision. It is never good to show people through a wedding speech that you have any arguments inside the family or that they are things you feel hurt about (or simply something like you don’t agree with your daughter). Such personal things are meant to be kept personal.

Use some free training

The best free training is always through resources that are free. You can use multiple sources for your personal training and you don’t even need a tutor! What can you do? Let me talk about several strategies you can use for free training.

The article and blog training

All published articles about the father of the bride speech, including this one, will help you see more and understand more. It is not a problem and not a shame to look through dozens of sources and find the things that you believe to be the most suitable. Of course, not every idea will work well in your case – you need to know what your daughter likes and act like it. Any random idea chosen from here and there and combined won’t do the trick.

There are lots of blogs dedicated for couples, for wedding speeches and other things like that. You can browse to those blogs and find relevant posts. Again, each post will share light on different aspects and each one is useful in some parts. You can use ideas in a combined way, some stuff from here and there, all resulting in something really nice. There are a lot of ways to combine things and assure it’s unique.


Now, when it comes to YouTube, I can’t even imagine the exact number. There are so many videos. Even the videos with other titles will be useful for you to learn about father of the bride speeches. It might be a simple movie trailer or some amateur guy trying to demonstrate how it’s done. Any video will do fine, as long as it’s not some silly joke posted to get more views.

Even more, YouTube is full of true professionals. They aren’t people who you see on TV, but they are dedicated people who like to do certain things. Some of them truly have a nice hobby of filming things and showing you how it’s done. You can follow these guys and girls and learn about different things. You can even learn how speech texts are edited, told, how your body language should be and much more. Limitations are none – just your patience to look for new things.


There are so many e-books and some of them are 100% free of charges. Of course, you can’t print them for publishing or sharing with friends, but you can read them and learn from them for the father of the bride speech. While some of these free resources are of a very poor quality, others are maybe even more professional than paid downloads. So, you can take some time to look around and find resources you can really use. You will be surprised to notice how many things there are out there and you will experience some new plans, new strategies and new ideas every time you see a new electronic book.

Of course, going a step further, there are also cheaper e-books, which aren’t free but aren’t expensive either. If you feel you like the title or the introduction text of one of these books (or maybe the reviews readers have shared), you can pay for it and own it. It’s not a problem if a few extra bucks are invested in order for you to understand speeches and write your own in a professional manner.

Body language is also tricky and important

If you don’t use the right body language, your father of the bride speech will lack quality. I am saying this because only a good body language can present a speech properly. How can you learn body language? Many things, from daily life, are parts of the body language. People always communicate with words, expressions, looks in their eyes and gestures. These things are all parts of body language.

Concerning your eyes, it is very important to know what you are going to express. If you are not confident or uncertain of how you are going to succeed with your speech, people will notice and feel this. How come? Your eyes are the mirror of what is going on in your heart and if your gaze is suspicious, people feel it and people know it. That doesn’t mean they will tell you “hey, I noticed how afraid you are” or “I know you are bored”. No, it doesn’t go like that. People just follow you, observe and read your eye’s messages and pick them up. That’s what happens. So, in order to have the right look in your eyes, you need to be confident enough for it. Being confident with your speech only helps you to perform better, to talk better and to use the right body language.

Your hands can also create some mishaps. For instance, some people are confused with their hands. In other words, they have no idea how to position the hands. The problem with that is how visual it is. Every guest, as they are listening to your speech – they can see your hands clearly. If there is confusion, sudden movements, stiffness or other weird things then people notice that right away. How to use your hands then? First of all, you need to look out for the business hands’ position. If you see conferences, marketing people and other speakers as such, their hand position is not suitable for wedding speeches. You should also avoid pointing to the guests with your fingers. Even if you’d say “you all know how important love is”, you don’t point to the people who are attending.

Furthermore, your hands should be relaxed and natural. While you are speaking, make your hands move as you say certain things. These are typical hand gestures and you can use many of them to make sure you give out the right message. You can study YouTube videos for this one too – there are many such videos available, you only need to search for them.

Then, there is a lot of involvement with the body position. If you stand like a soldier, it’s a clear sign that you are stressed. If you keep moving around too much, people also think you have no patience or that you are way too anxious. You need to choose a body movement somewhere naturally in between – you can move around, or you can stay in one place, but do both. Move only when needed, stay only when needed. You need to let the movements flow naturally!

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