If you truly have setup a goal for a great success with your daughter’s wedding, you then definitely need to know everything about the structure of the father of the bride speech. It is also important to acknowledge that it is not only the structure of it – you also need to know many other details. Details are very important, especially if you have decided to go for maximum success. Then, if you are wondering why maximum is needed, think of things as this: your daughter is getting married. This event, this important and giant step in life implies a lot of other things as well. Among those things, you need to know how you can play your role, how you can complete your part in order to make her happy with your speech.

With the wedding speech structure there are also some simple secrets. I call them simple, because it’s not a big deal at all and they are secrets indeed, because you need to know such details in order to have the outcome you have been waiting for (even before you knew you were).

The first part – introduce the event

Your speech would be among the first 2 to 4 speeches. It might even become the first one, if that is your case. While several decades ago people didn’t have too many wedding speeches for a single wedding, and they definitely didn’t have too much flexibility, nowadays things have changed with gravity. This means that the “game” has changed and rules are also different. What I mean to say is that you might be the 1st, or even the 10th speaker. It all depends on how the young couple wanted or how the organizing team decided to handle the speech part.

Wedding ReceptionEven if your bride’s father speech doesn’t go for the first place, you will still need to make sure about a couple of things. A speech part such as the introduction is necessary. This simply means that even if other people have spoken before your speech and had their introductions, you will still need yours. However, you must make sure you handle things with some level of flexibility. For example, if you have prepared a certain introduction from home and you later realize (while listening to other people speaking) that you might want to change it, then you should truly change it. After all, things are still changeable before and during your wedding speech, but nothing can be changed when things have passed by and all events have been completed already. So, this is why you need to think big.

Thinking big also means that you see the whole picture before saying or deciding anything. You can also think about what you are going to say, you can think about what others might say. Of course, the best thing is to anticipate all of what happened before your speech and all the things you are about to say. The introduction must not only capture people’s attention, as it must also give them a taste of what your speech is going to be like.

Now, you don’t need to understand things and reality in the wrong light. Giving a taste of the speech is not like saying the short version of the entire speech in the introduction. What I am truly talking about is giving an insight of style, humor and tone.

The style of the speech is defined by you. The “danger” is that the wrong style in the speech introduction will make people assume that there is a wrong style throughout the entire speech. This is one of the main reasons why people, out of seemingly unknown reasons, find their speeches disrespected and not listened to. Of course, they keep wondering and asking themselves about what is going on, but the problem is that they don’t see the bare truth: it is the style.

Then, the humor of the introduction is golden if it’s not in the wrong way, but it is lame and disappointing if it’s with the wrong style, the wrong joke and so forth. Choosing a proper way and style of humor is a good art of the father of the bride speech success. If you have it the right way, you can easily handle things along the way. The best way to choose proper humor is that you look around on the internet, various blogs and all sort of websites. Make use of these in order to make sure that you have the style, which isn’t unsuitable and isn’t improperly used for a wedding.

As far as the tone goes, you need to use your own voice wisely. Yes, it is the father of the bride speech, but you definitely need something special to make sure things are on the right track. If you hold grasp on using different voices in different situations, it’s a small play to handle this correctly. Even if this professional experience or talent is not your case, you don’t have to worry. A bit of video watching and exercising at home will definitely complete the job.

Talking about the lady of the day

Yes, this part is about your daughter, as all guests have gathered for her and the groom. These young people have made an important decision in life, and you can now rest assured that your daughter is on the right path in life to establish her own family.

I know this part might be really hard for many fathers. The truth is that you have raised her up this far, and she has been in your house, sharing everything with you. It is a fatherly instinct to try to make sure she will be protected in the future as well. Now, what you need to make sure of is that you don’t follow the mistake of many fathers, who simply exaggerated with things and with the excessive “protection” they tried to offer to their daughters, they have destroyed lives and changed destinies. You need to have learned to let go and this decision must fully reflect through your speech. If people don’t feel that you have let her go and that you are completely okay with her decision, they will look at you with the wrong eyes, believing that you are a bad man. Yes, this might sound too harsh or exaggerated, but this is the simple truth about how people feel in certain situations.

When you talk about your daughter, you have to be prepared for every single aspect of it. The probably hardest of all possible aspects is the one that you have a limited time to speak. Yes, I know that many men have believed wrongly that they have as much time as they desire, just to speak about their daughters. Although you are her father and this is her wedding day, you don’t have that much time. Actually, you shouldn’t afford talking more than just 2 minutes, about your dearest girl. The reason for this is multiple. The first reason is that any wedding speech that might exceed 5 minutes is considered a boring speech. I am sure and certain about the fact that you don’t want the family members and guests to feel bored, especially not when you are talking. Now, having that settled, this part of the father of the bride speech is only one of the many that you need to talk about. If you use 3-4 minutes on this part, it’s nearly impossible to say the other parts in a maximum of 2 minutes. So, the ideal choice is that of a minute and a half, up to 2 minutes.

Then, another trick and useful bit of information here is that you need to make sure that there is no such instance as offending your daughter. Some of the things you would say by your own head and decision are things that you would find useful and interesting and then completely inoffensive. While you might see a story or remark as inoffensive, the same opinion might just not be the opinion of your daughter. If she doesn’t feel the same, then you will have a hard time with her, because you will then be embarrassing her in front of family and friends. Such things then reflect on your life later, when you are going to feel so distant from your daughter and when you are going to feel like your daughter has made an art of avoiding you.

The best way to make sure that you didn’t do something wrong and you didn’t speak about things that people would’ve preferred not to hear, you can talk about a couple of really important aspects, all about your daughter’s life. The first important aspect is that you can talk about her growing up, but briefly and with a targeted meaning. What I mean is that throughout the story you are about to say, you can make sure that you presented the best of her life, personality and achievements. This doesn’t mean your daughter is perfect and it doesn’t mean she never offended you recently. However, such family issues are definitely not to be included in the father of the bride speech. Rather than doing something like that, it’s far better to make sure you go about the other things, the ones mentioned above.

Another great story to tell is how she met your son-in-law. Their story is actually the focus of the wedding day and it is the part you should put emphasize on. That doesn’t mean you need to go about a seminar about their private life – it rather means you should mention the most important parts of it. This of course requires self-control and a sense of time, because the 2-minute-rule we have mentioned above still applies. Even if you say this part, you still can’t exceed 2 minutes. However, if you are tricky and smart, you can use this speech part to link the speech with the next part we are discussing just below!

The “middle” part of the speech – the groom or the couple

Now comes the part when you need to talk about the groom. Let us first continue with the above idea, where you began talking about the couple as you finished talking about your daughter alone. This is ideal in many cases, because it allows you to have an easy time linking these parts together. While talking about the young lovers as a couple, you can make sure that you have mentioned the best about both of them. This is something great to do, especially because they will feel great about it and the guests won’t feel bored either. So, it is a great choice.

I usually like to simplify things on these aspects, especially when talking about the young couple. If you think complicated, you will lose the story itself, but if you simplify things then you will have an easy time with everything. You need to think about their story as a story told briefly, with highlights. The highlighted parts should be the most important parts, the ones that truly made a difference for them. These events might be things such as: suffering a harder period, a small accident, one of them having problems with the career or having a lot of exams obtaining a certificate or degree – you know, things and aspects of life, which can prove how united you truly are and how capable you are of dedicating yourself to your partner’s aid. If you use this style as you speak, I am sure that you will have a great time with everything!

Sharing some words that are meant to teach

I am sure that this is probably another favorite part for any man, during the father of the groom speech. This is also a moment and a chance for you to act like a wise man or to act like someone stupid. If you prefer not to be stupid, then it’s better for you to pay attention to as many aspects as possible.

The first aspect is that you don’t have to make the young couple feel like you are insulting them or that you are taking control over their lives. They should rather feel like you are helpful, you are there to support their lives, their decisions and everything they are currently doing. Of course, when you share your advices with them, they must be open-minded enough to notice your good intentions. However, don’t embarrass them by trying to teach things that are childish or too elementary. You should rather focus on values of life, marriage and love, and how some times in life are easier and others more complicated and complex.

Some fathers, during this part of the father of the bride speech, prefer to quote some words, poems, or even movies. This happens because these quotes will easily reflect a truth or a teaching in life, one that you can use for your own daughter’s benefit and good. It is always great to have such opportunities and it is always great to be able to teach others some good things. Of course, such words must be told gently, with love and care, to make sure that they are listened to.

Proposing the bride’s father toast for the couple is very important

The toast proposal is generally and ideally the end of the speech. However, before this part occurs, you can make sure to offer some appreciation and thank you to the people who were there to help. There are many wedding speeches that won’t even mention such details.

Of course, you will be able to master the thanks-giving part, because people shouldn’t feel like they are watching some commercials. You need to show respect to the people who helped a lot and who stood by your side and your family’s side, when it was needed to have things organized. These things might feel like unnecessary, but trust me that people will appreciate it and it is a way of showing your humbleness and respect in honoring others for their efforts.

There are many ways you can say a toast proposal for your daughter’s wedding. No matter which way of saying it will be the final one, but it is ideal to be documented from multiple sources, making sure that you have selected the right words. I would recommend using some quality books, because I have seen great books published and even downloadable in electronic form, all about wedding speech toast proposals. These can be found in various places, on sites such as Amazon, eBay, and others.

Before purchasing a book for such purposes, make sure you understand some basics. The first basic rule is that there is not a lot of difference between a toast proposal made by a bridesmaid and a toast proposal for the father of the bride speech. The differences are generally only a couple of words. Then, the next rule is that you should truly read reviews and make sure that the book (or books) you have purchased is (are) useful!

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