Essentially, there are many things that can turn a simple father of the bride speech into a completely professional speech. I am saying these are very simple, basic things, since it’s the little details that make things work. There’s no need to complicate things, there’s no point in saying that wedding speeches are so hard to come up with or that it takes so much knowledge to give a good speech. Just think for a moment before you panic! Didn’t you ever consider that maybe – in one way or another – it’s the panic that holds people back from having amazing father of the bride speeches? Or isn’t it fear or prejudice?

Now, if you considered the above questions, we’re ready to set the details! Well, everyone likes to ask what to do to be prepared. This is exactly why I am laying out a detailed plan on being prepared for your professional father of the bride speech. You can take this as a to-do list, a checklist, or whatever you consider. The main thing is that you should be serious with preparations as these are the foundations of your speech, regardless of what others might have made you believe.

Checklist or to-do list

  • Stay relaxed! This is probably the hardest thing to achieve for many fathers. What could help you to feel like everything is all right? Keep communicating with your family, with your wife, with your daughter, even with the groom. Communication truly opens closed doors in relationships and it helps you get rid of any frustration you might have. Try not to jump into arguments, be more patient with your family as the pressure is increasing as the wedding day is approaching.
  • Make sure that you have a written version of your speech, a very detailed, accurate version of what you’d like to talk about. Seriously, there are so many people who are lazy to write things down and then they are negatively surprised to find themselves forgetting the essence of the speech while speaking! It may be unpleasant to write a speech down and keep correcting it tens of times, but you can also use your computer and keep an electronic version so that correcting is easier.
  • As soon as you have any version of your speech, even if it’s only a first attempt, stand up and start saying it out loudly, while you imagine that it’s the actual wedding day. To make things more authentic, you can ask your family to join you and criticize you. It’s better to hear the criticism while preparing than hearing negative opinions when it’s for real.
  • Learn from an expert, a book or any other resource available, so that you are aware of what body language means and how to use it correctly during your professional father of the bride speech. The professionalism of your father of the bride speech depends on how your body language is – a poor body language inspires a weak or boring speech, while adequately used elements of body language reflect your confidence and provide a professional outcome.
  • One of the trickiest parts of your body language is using hands. To be more specific, your fingers and your palms can send out some messages and if you don’t know how to send the correct ones, you’ll end up telling people that you are stressed, arguing or anything else. These feelings can truly be told by the position of your palms and fingers. People read these things even without noticing and we instantly understand these signs, because we were born with them.
  • To keep calm at a healthy level, make sure that you know if you are the one to open the wedding speeches, or that there is someone else to speak before you. There are no real rules on the order, meaning that some families might change the wedding speech order that we are familiar with from movies.
  • Also referring to relaxation, make sure that everything is settled in time. Don’t leave details hanging and don’t let yourself think about some things that weren’t solved in time or things without a solution. There is a solution to every problem, there is a smart idea for every single situation.
  • The timing of your speech is very important. You see, a professional father of the bride speech is a speech that is not boring and not too short. With other words, no extremes should be touched. So what is the recommendation then? Ideally, target the 4-6 minutes’ timeframe with your presentation. Wait, what, did I say presentation? That’s why you should read the below checklist point!
  • Indeed, you need to present your speech. When you present something, it’s not just like saying it or reading it (or remembering things word-by-word, so that you can say what you wanted without a piece of paper). When you present some ideas, some points of view, you are deeply within that one topic and understand every part of it. This also means that the look in your eyes, the way you speak, everything simply reflects your understanding of the things that you are just saying.

Do you think that the above mentioned elements are really straightforward and simple? If you think so, it’s correct and accurate – as I indicated, the simple things will turn your “usual” speech into a professional father of the bride speech.

However, I would recommend some extras, so that the level of professionalism can be extended and increased as much as possible. So here are some of my recommendations:

  1. Read some romantic literature. You might even read erotic literature, with a lot of sexuality. It’s not because you want the sexuality – it’s sometimes the sexuality within literature to remind you of the depths of the feelings between a man and his wife. Also, romantic stories present truths in unique ways. The more you read, the more tips and ideas you will find.
  2. If you watched movies that had romantic or love story parts, then you should remember those parts from these movies. Some movies, which are actually based on real love stories, present these stories with all the ups and downs, all the realities we encounter during our lives. These realities – if we choose to look at them objectively, from a movie’s point of view – can be brought to life and understood deeply as there are so many movies that have deep messages.
  3. Some people who have been married for at least 30 years without cheating on each other have a great understanding of making relationships work and they also have a great understanding of how a family can work in unity. Speaking to such friends or relatives might be of great help as you will get new ideas for your speech.
  4. The internet is nowadays full of valuable resources. You can use any of these resources to give colors to your speech. By colors I am referring to making the speech more unique and more touching – what you say should go straight into people’s hearts.

After all, the above mentioned elements can really help you give a maximally professional father of the bride speech. I don’t say that these are the only things that one must know, but I do say that with the help of these tips you will get really close to an awesome speech.

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