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If you are looking forward to a strategy for your father of the bride speech, then this article was written just for you! While for women it is somehow a bit easier to give speeches at weddings (or other events), men have less words to say or consider that there’s no sense to give any speech. Is that not you? Then, it’s even better!

In any case, there is a desperate need – the need to have everything in place, in time. The urgent need to sort things out is probably the main motivating factor to start seeking solutions and alternatives. Then you soon realize you’re overwhelmed with a lot of stress that you are trying to control but to no avail.

How to get rid of the pressure

While you might laugh or cry, pressure is running through your mind and body. All you can think about is your daughter’s wedding and how on earth to write a great father of the bride speech and be able to present the same in front of a smaller audience: your guests. It would’ve all been easier if there were no family members involved, but the stress goes beyond imagination because you know that your relatives are mostly going to be there, watching you and especially checking if you make any mistakes or not. Knowing all of these details is quite hard to handle. You know there is responsibility. You also know you need some perseverance in all things and caring for details is also mandatory. Download 25 Father of the Bride Examples

The more you think about tactics, the deeper it all seems. What you could definitely try is spending some quality time with your wife, then also spending time with your daughter when possible and also asking someone to give you a simple back, neck and even arms, legs massage. The simple techniques, such as massage, will help you relieve at least some of the pressure.

For the rest of the pressure, we have something even more certain. You need to write a list of simple priorities. Yes, it is all just concerning the speech, the organizing of the event and things like that. Don’t think too complicated about these aspects as they are far simpler than you ever thought. You just need to blend in, allowing yourself to solve the situations you encounter.

You need to make sure your list includes everything. Also, some of the items on your prioritized list have a deadline, while others don’t. Acknowledging this reality, you need to make sure that every deadline is respected. The best strategy is always choosing the more urgent tasks before the ones that can wait more. The only exception would be a rare situation, in which problem A with deadline in 2 days is being solved, and within that solution you realize that you can get some of the problem B solution done too, although problem B only needs to be completed in 40 days. I repeat: such situations happen, but not too often. Don’t count on them – generally, it’s like urgent duties going before others.

Then, please make sure that you spend time with your wife. A common mistake is that you are freaked out and then start being preoccupied by other things and ignore your wife completely. Don’t do that! Just because your daughter is getting on a new path in life with her marriage doesn’t mean that your marriage needs no more care. It needs care and you need to make sure about being there with your wife when she needs you most. It makes no sense if you are there when she is already asleep or exhausted. In those moments, she can’t appreciate or acknowledge that you are supportive.

If you don’t have enough ideas for the father of the bride speech, relax! You can meet with your daughter, with your friends and ask some tips and you will surely have more to offer. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t write the speech just out of the first attempt, all by yourself. Not even a talented author would do that. Instead, we are people, so we ask each other for assistance and that’s how things are best. When you need many things done, it’s very simple to assume that you will probably ask for assistance several times in a row, even for some small things. While you only think you have saved 20 minutes, if you start counting all those 20-30-40 minutes you save every time someone dear could assist you with something, then you soon realize you have saved entire days’ or weeks’ worth of time! Is that so much? Does it really make that big difference? You can try for yourself and see how it goes if you approach this strategy.

Starting to write the father of the bride speech

Once you are over with the pressure that was coming over you, it is now time to relax a bit and start writing the text of the speech. You can’t count on having it all done in a few hours, neither in a few days. What you need to look for is the baby steps technique. Many people, regardless of area of life or aspect, have managed to reach far with the help of taking things small and safe. A baby step is just a small step ahead, closer to a final goal, but it is always almost-guaranteed to get you there. It’s such as a well-made business plan: then it can succeed.

When you are just looking at a blank piece of paper, there are just a bunch of random thoughts, questions and ideas you have in your mind. You don’t have any structure and you don’t have a clear picture of how you want things to go from this moment on. All that you know is this: you need to have the speech written and then you need to also present it properly. Yes, it will be in front of people and it might freak you out to be a public speaker for five minutes, but you need to get through with it when the moment arrives. Find HERE 25 Bride’s Father Wedding Speech Examples

What you can do is begin writing the ideas down, on one or multiple pieces of paper. Don’t start to analyze and to over-think things. Just take them as they come. Here is what my first list of ideas would look like, to give you a clear and original example of what I am talking about:

  1. Brian was always passionate about hiking, as well as Linda.
  2. The flowers are great.
  3. Is Uncle Chuck here with his family?
  4. They need to understand each other.
  5. Marriage is about love and passion.
  6. I read a bunch of great speech books.
  7. I saw a movie, and the love story here resembles that.
  8. Brian’s parents – wow, I’d drink a beer with his dad again!
  9. I love movie nights with the entire family.
  10. I remember how caring Brian was with my girl, and he always respected her.

You see? It’s not even nearly a speech, neither a good start for a speech – at least apparently! From such a list, or even a list worse than this one you can come up with a brilliant speech! It’s not that hard, all because we are working through things in baby steps.

The second step you will have to make is to add more ideas. Yes, it will probably not come today, maybe not even tomorrow. But, in essence, if it comes in the next 3-4 days it’s all okay. You don’t have to rush, you have all the time until the wedding. And also, think about the length: many successful speeches at weddings were mere two minutes! Yes, that’s right, they were not even a second longer. How could people love and applaud those speeches and at the same time not for you? This is why many people don’t write a good speech: they think about a bunch of assumptions and ideas, and they end up saying the following things:

  • I don’t think I can handle this
  • There’s no time
  • They will laugh about how poorly I edited the speech
  • I will freak out and my voice will shake
  • I don’t even know how to hold my hands, not to mention the tone of my own voice. I really have no clue what speaker style would work out in this case!
  • I have a job interview in a week, and I don’t even have a paragraph from the speech. I’m doomed and I can’t get it through!
  • My daughter will send me out of the room, when she hears the stupid things I say

Do you have a similar list like the one above? I bet you do! If you do, erase it from your heart and mind. If you have it on paper (that rarely happens), you should throw it away now. You need to have a clear mind and you need to allow yourself to be there for your daughter! How can she respect you if you only go further with your fears and especially the fear of failure and being put in a bad light in front of others? Be more selfless and let things work out on their own!

So, once you’re over with the assumptions, you can clearly move forward and add ideas to the speech. Yes, that’s right: you certainly have more to add, more to say, more to develop. At this moment, you should have a very long list – it might be a mess, unorganized, not properly expressed. Still, this is the baby-step list that takes you to the final version of the father of the bride speech!

Develop every idea. Organize them. Make sure they are clearly expressed. Make sure every single idea is to the point, from the beginning. Don’t stress out and don’t look at the impediments and problems you might face.

Next, you need to know about the structure of a speech, so that you can move even further ahead:

  1. Introduction of the speech. Yes, you need it!
  2. About your daughter. Don’t talk 10-20 minutes here. We merely need 2-3 minutes about her!
  3. About the groom – you need to offer the same attention and value to him.
  4. Some thoughts or quotes – about life, love, marriage – whatever you prefer
  5. Closing the speech with a toast proposal

If you have these categories or parts of the speech, then you are on a good track. So now all you need is to place the information in these categories, making sure that you have covered all of them. Do you have a scheme to follow? Is there anything really strict about these parts? The only strictness is that your speech should never exceed 5-10 minutes in length. Then, you have all the different sources of inspiration you can use. There are several books, articles and reports covering the way wedding speeches should be edited and how you should make sure about the contents of these, in order to ensure highest quality and originality. You should never forget to remain original, as any copied content or taken from existing sources brings failure.

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