In a constantly changing world as we have in 2014, new and breakthrough ideas are needed for every father of the bride speech. It is always great if you can look at things in a non-conservative way. What I mean is that our minds need to change as times are. As far as I know (and I am sure that many of you can confirm this), all of what wedding speeches mean today have changed a lot over the past 2-3 decades. It is definitely something very different from what our parents knew as a wedding speech. Does this mean we do it right? Or does it mean that we turned out to be doing it wrong? The answer is somewhere, midway between these extreme situations. There are things that have improved, while others have gone worse. However, it is important to comprehend what a bride’s father speech means for the parents, for the couple, for other family members and also for all other guests. If we are able to clearly identify and understand these aspects, then the success we are looking forward to will come near us in an unavoidable manner, quickly. That is what we are all looking for, isn’t it? Let us analyze some great ideas and let us discuss how that golden middle path can be found in a way that it won’t be too old fashioned, but will also be integrated easily in today’s trends and expectations. MORE Examples

Identify the sources. You can choose more sources to get more ideas!

The sources you are going to use are very important for the father of the bride speech ideas. If you will use any wrong sources, or you will trust a source more than you should, you will definitely fail. But how to know the right sources, especially if each source presents the ideas and the tips differently? This is a great question and the answer to this question is what I was looking forward to with this article!

There are many sources you can be documented from. It is indeed your personal choice to use this or that. The first source everyone will use is definitely family members and friends who have earned your trust. Now, this is the delicate part, because family members will tell you different things, and so will your friends. Putting them all together, all of what you remember to have heard from these people, you will realize some common points and then a lot of differences. From there, it is quite logical and reasonable to say that whatever was common is great and should be kept, while whatever was not matching is doubtable. However, even from parts that might be doubtable, you can learn some great ideas and new tips you might have never thought of, unless being told in advance.

Then, the next sources are some great online blogs. You see, there are so many blogs that will give you many ideas, including the articles you find here and many other websites as well. Just make sure that you don’t read sources that seem doubtable, sources that appear like they wouldn’t have any basis to rely upon. Of course, there is always a simple principle on what to decide, whenever you are confused. The rule of thumb is this: read more, decide after. This is always correct, because the more you read, you will find out whether certain pieces of information are correct or not.

Some sources are more sophisticated than others. For example, there are many blogs, where you can sign up and then start discussing. You are not the only man to write a father of the bride speech, so you will definitely find other fathers as well, who are looking forward to the same targets as you are. Then you can become friends, discuss about your ideas and opinions and try to gather as many ideas as possible. With a bit of free time, you can trust me that it’s highly possible. Even more than that, there are also many question and answer type sites. These websites are great, because you might find some questions asked by others and the answers you will find will be answers that you were looking for. So, it’s great if you allocate some time to search. But, in the end, it’s worth it!

You can always download, rent or buy books

There are literally thousands and millions of books, both printed and online. Modern libraries are in every city, probably in smaller ones around the world as well. So, no matter where you are, you will easily find some books. Even if there is no library or bookstore nearby, you can go online and search for free e-books. You might not find a huge amount of free electronic books on father of the bride speeches, but you will definitely find enough in order to make sure that you can truly edit an amazing father of the bride speech. After all, this is all you need, don’t you?

Some books have been written only on the topic of toast proposals. There are many people who ignore this aspect, because they foolishly assume that toast proposals are so easy that they don’t need reading to be learned. Now, that is very wrong! To give an amazing toast proposal, you will need more books. And what if there is no book entitled something like “Toast proposals for the father of the bride speech”? No problem, because even if no such title is found, any other wedding speech toast proposal text will work amazingly for you, thus there is no reason for you to worry about such things.

Then, it is always a great idea with toast proposals (whenever it is possible) to ask men who have already been there. Maybe some of them will be ironic or setup some jokes to make you believe something weird or wrong, but do find out that many of them can also help you, big time. So, it’s worth a try because you might just freely get that perfect help you were looking for. This is actually what it’s all about.

Also, there are many books, valuable, which present the steps to write a wedding speech. Are these books about best man speeches or other types of wedding speeches? That is not a huge problem, not even a medium one, because wedding speeches are very similar, it’s only the point of view and style that changes slightly from one speech to another. Do remember: even if none of the books would mention it, you can never go beyond speaking for five minutes. That’s right: people won’t listen to that. So, to keep things simple, all you need to do is speak shortly and concisely.

Romantic movies are just so many

Try watching as many romantic movies as possible. Of course, you don’t need to watch them alone, because you can ask your wife to watch the movies with you. It’s like a double success, because you get to learn about new ideas for your father of the bride speech and you will also spend some high quality time with your wife, and I am sure that she will appreciate every moment of it. But then, you might wonder, how a romantic movie could give you any ideas?

Well, it’s actually all about observing details. For instance, maybe it is a romantic movie that doesn’t even present a wedding, not to mention a wedding speech. Even if your movie is that type of a movie, it is still an open mirror and door for you to watch how certain people understand love, relationships and marriages. And, having those things understood from multiple points of view, you will easily be able to come up with a speech that will make everyone put their hands together for you and paying attention to what you have said. Yes, it’s all about using words of impact, not necessarily about length. Don’t get me wrong: five minutes are more than enough, but a 2-minute speech can also be shockingly amazing.

Love songs we have all known for decades

Do you have your favorite love songs? Maybe the love song that you danced on, with your wife? Or maybe a love song that makes you remember the first date? Regardless of the situation, there are definitely many love songs we all enjoy. Even if you don’t have any on mind currently, you can look for 2-3 such songs and read the lyrics. The lyrics will likely be full of romance, passion and all kinds of feelings. Based on these, you can edit your father of the bride speech in a way that it would be something memorable for your daughter, for the groom, but also for the guests and every single family member. You can let the young couple know how love is and what the key to success in marriage is. If you do this, I am sure they will appreciate it.

Then, talking about true love within your father of the bride speech is also a great idea, especially if you’re good with words. It is so simple and amazing to let your daughter and her chosen one understand that the basis of every marriage is true love, because even if they will have great years, they will also have times (months or even years) that won’t be as easy as they assumed it would be. And then, those are the times to test the basis of their love – did they truly love each other or not?

Your own ideas combined with similar ones from the internet

Then, every man has his own ideas. Yes, some of them wouldn’t tell you that they actually have some ideas, but they do. However, not all manly ideas will work for a father of the bride speech. This is why searching online for the same or similar ideas is very helpful. The rule is very simple: if you find a similar idea, then your idea is likely a great one, but if you don’t find anything related, it’s possible for you to have had a bad idea.

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