There are times when you are desperately looking for new ideas and hints with the upcoming father of the bride speech and still you feel like there is nothing to help you. This situation is understandable, since we are always in problems whenever we desire providing something unique and something new. This happens because even ideas are copied from one place to another, and the same goes for speeches. You don’t want to copy-paste a written father of the bride wedding speech, do you?

While some people wouldn’t notice you copied, your friends and family definitely will. This happens because as soon as you don’t respect your own thoughts, sharing them with the gathered ones, you will truly appear as a fake speaker. Being fake with your bride’s father wedding speech shouldn’t happen, since you will likely be the first one to speak.

If you are lucky enough to attend other weddings before your daughter’s wedding, then it’s a great insight of what you will have to do. I don’t claim that other fathers are great at editing these speeches, I don’t say that they wouldn’t make mistakes, but I do say that ideas will be plenty just by listening to them. Also, you don’t have to limit yourself to listening, as it is of no shame for you to take notes while they speak. This doesn’t mean that you will copy their words, but it means that you have a scheme of how you would like your own father of the bride wedding speech.

Being calm is more than needed, during your wedding speech. You can’t simply be calm because you want it, as your brain will stop you from achieving that. A lot of men failed at this point, as they all believed they are manly enough to overcome tension and agitation, but they were not able to accomplish such a relaxed state. The only working way to stay calm is practicing at home. How to practice your father of the bride wedding speech at home? Ask your family members to pretend that they are your wedding guests. Ask them to make noises, to laugh at you or do anything which would make you feel uncomfortable. This is good because this is how you learn to stay focused on the speech. You can also ask them to criticize your speech, to talk to you about all of the mistakes within your speech.

Another thing to be successful as a speaker, during your father of the bride wedding speech, is the body language. Although people don’t focus on their own body language, I can guarantee that the guests will read your body and stay with positive or negative impressions, according to what you did.

Of course, you must not forget about all the formal elements of your father of the bride wedding speech. You will need a good introduction, you will need to thank the guests for being there with you and your family, you should talk extensively about your daughter and then about the groom. It’s great if you have some wisdom to share with the newlyweds, preferably from your own experience with your beloved wife. Whatever elements you include in your speech, never stay negative, never bring up shameful or negative things, even if you know they are true. The speech is meant for your daughter especially and you need to show her your love and your commitment to the role of being her father and support in life.

As far as the timing is concerned, it’s very important to keep things shorter. This means that you should stick to 4 minutes, up to 5 minutes, not exceeding these 5 minutes for the sake of the quality of your speech.

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