Now, we will present father of the bride speech examples from a possibly new side, a possibly new way to look at these things. Essentially, when we have a lot of things we can look at, a lot of places to learn from, we must set a filter in our brains in order to keep what’s useful and disregard anything else. Achieving this mental filtering is sometimes hard, especially when you strive to provide the best, the give the most according to your knowledge. You can now relax! All of it can be done, if you keep yourself to the suggestions and guidelines I am now going to present below in this article.

First of all, you will need some patience and a bit of free time. In this time, you are going to find your favorite wedding speech examples across the internet. I recommend a simple Google search, as it is very effective. Additionally, you can search on dedicated forums to find out what other fathers have to say about their speeches. Researching these things will be helpful, since a lot of ideas are already there and presented in different ways.

Next thing is taking notes of the structural elements. If you consciously read through various father of the bride speech examples, then you will quickly realize that these speeches are edited following the same “schematic” background. It is schematic, because it maintains the formal elements of wedding speeches. So, mainly considering the different parts of a father of the bride speech, you should know to include the following:

  1. Begin with the introduction, obviously. Introductions might differ.
  2. Talk about your daughter, but only in a positive way, reflecting on her good qualities.
  3. Talk about the groom.
  4. Describe how the newlyweds are as a couple. Try not to talk about any negative aspects here.
  5. Include quotes or your own suggestions, words of wisdom from a father to the new couple.
  6. Propose a toast.

Essentially, the 6 formal elements presented above are very easy to respect in any qualitative father of the bride speech.

You might want to choose a style in your speech. If you think you should be funny in your speech, it is good, as long as you can make people enjoy listening to you. Never talk about things that are not for the newlyweds or that are only your personal observations or limitations. Remember: this day is meant for your daughter, so make her feel special, make her truly feel she is your princess, your loved daughter!

So, as long as you have respected these indications, all you need to do is personalize the speech. This simply means that you will add your own parts and elements, but in accordance with the flow, style and structure of a wedding speech.

The last but very important aspect to remember is the actual length of your father of the bride speech. While speech examples might make you feel they are for 10 minutes of talking, it is not true. You must never exceed 5 minutes of speech, to prevent boredom and bad memories of your speech!

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