Knowing that your wedding day is soon to happen and you’ve decided to write a bride speech, you might have so many emotional feelings, which will make your speech challenging. But you don’t have to worry, just remember the reason which made you want to hold a speech.

wedding toastSo when the day comes, make sure that nothing can ruin your speech and start planning it wisely in order to avoid some other circumstances which you don’t want to appear in your wedding speech. Before all, ask yourself what you are going to write about, what statement do you want to do and how would you present it. DOWNLOAD 25 Speech Examples

Like always, speeches can be made in a funny note, but since you are the bride, it might not be the case. You can rather use simple or powerful, long lasting words. You could compare your love with one of the seasons or you can use a quote to best describe it. You can use some guidelines pointing to your relation with the groom and the special connection that you have, that brought you up to this point in joining your lives together.

The bride wedding speech can be full of imagination and creativity, so let your heart and your mind guide you in writing it. Don’t forget to share this unique moment also with the ones who wanted to share it with you in the first place. Involve your families also, by adding thoughts on what a fine son they’ve raised, a man who now ended up to make you very happy or that you as a bride are very grateful for everything that your parents did for you, and the fact that this marriage will not have happened like this if it wasn’t for your friends and other guests to come here and to celebrate this beginning of a new life. Click HERE for More Samples

Don’t forget that this speech is about all of you, is that testimony of how you two met, what first impressions you’ve shared and how this relationship developed and grown into becoming what it is today.

Share those ideas of how thankful you are for having in your life the man who is making you happy and you want to choose to spend the rest of your lives together, with him. As a bride, you’ll have to offer a sincere speech, and make your words flow from your heart and into the hearts of others.

You can dedicate a part of your bride speech to your family and friends, express your enormous appreciation towards all of them, and mention the fact that this wedding wouldn’t be the same without their presence, so it means a lot for you to see them standing here on this special occasion.

The bride speech usually comes in the last at a wedding, so you’ll have to assure yourself that you are going to make a speech of impact. As mentioned earlier, prepare a thankful part of the speech for everyone in this case, as they well fell appreciated and welcomed on a testimony based speech. You can also thank them for their gifts, because it means a lot for both of you as a couple.

To make a great bride wedding speech, you can also use one or two funny short stories that will provoke laughter in a cute way, and then all the attention will be really pointed at you. Use your personality and your charm to deliver the speech, but also use your body language to express positive emotions.

But you should keep away from your speech the embarrassing ideas of funny stories, you can speak about some funny facts or moments since you’ve known each other that will not put both of you in a negative light but that will compliment your relationship.

Everything you write about, you should make it original and not based on copied speeches. This is your love story, your special relationship, your wedding so just let your imagination to work. Find those words that will describe your first meeting with him, or what you felt like when he proposed to you.

Or you can put together some ideas or quotes about wedding, love or any other things related to a unique and special relation, like the one you are having right now and that in time it will grow and grow.

Like in any other speeches, you should make a section of your speech addressed to the groom. There you can express your feelings. You can express how happy you are that he entered into your life, how it changed everything for the best, and how much he means to you. But your attention should be addressed also to his and your family, since they are definitely very thankful for receiving both of you. In your case you could mention that you feel welcome in his family, and that way they have a new daughter. In his case, tell him that he is welcome in your family, and your parents are proud for another son who joined them now. Let them know that this support means a lot coming from their side.

Like in every case of a wedding speech, a toast is required, so you as a bride will have to toast as well. It would be wise to watch and see what other toasts were made about. If the toast was already made for the groom, then you can propose a toast which includes the guests and the person that helped with the wedding.

As a bride, you should try not to let too many emotions involved, because then you might become anxious or nervous and you could ruin the speech. It’s enough that you already had to deal with the wedding vows, and standing in front of an audience.

The bride speech should motivate other brides to come out from their shell and make a declaration that will be remembered by all guests. Don’t forget as a bride that you are speaking to a public that might know you very well, or they’ve seen you maybe just a couple of times, but from your “simple” bride speech you can easily come up with a speech that is memorable.

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