wedding toastThere are many things people should consider and understand about any high quality father of the bride speech. One of these things is that every father should be able to be cool, when it comes to the father of the bride speech. However, the problem isn’t about the fact that you should be cool but it is rather the way to achieve that state of mind and body. After all, to define how one can be relaxed, you might shortly and simply say that it means having a calm state of mind and body, no matter what is going on around you.

We often face the illusion of having hardship with the father of the bride speech. This also means that we sometimes think that holding the speech is just so hard that we can’t even handle it the right way. Of course, this isn’t at all the right way to go about it. Let us now see how to truly handle these issues and make sure you have overcame anything that stood between your success and your current state. Click HERE To Download MORE Speech Examples

Dealing with the lack of free time

You will often have to deal with the idea that there won’t be much free time available for you in the circumstances of getting prepared for the father of the bride speech. This means that while some days will come with a lot of free time, others will come with less free time and lots of unexpected situations waiting to jump out of the blue. Obviously, knowing this only helps you to become more strategic and a better organized person.

How can a father deal with the lack of free time? First of all, there is never a total lack of it. Recognize it or not, you will always have days, which will allow you to have free hours, while in other days you will only have 30 minutes of free time. Now, let’s talk about the extremes, when you only have that half of an hour at your side. In those 30 minutes, you have enough time to handle everything. Assume you have started to think about editing and writing your father of the bride speech like 2 months before the wedding. In the most extreme situations, having just 30 minutes of free time each day, you can know that you will have more than enough time to handle everything. If you think of the opposite then you are wrong! DOWNLOAD 25 Speech Examples

Then, there are so many situations in life, which will allow you to progress with your father of the bride speech. For example, you might be during your evening family time, you might be at the gas station or even at work. During such times, you will definitely have the free time to think about your speech. It is good if you will be able to write your ideas down, but it is not at all a problem if that is not possible for you. Whatever it is, you can truly think about things and then as soon as you have some time to review your written speech, you can make the changes.

If your wife is able to help you, it is not a shame to ask her in editing your father of the bride speech. It would always be a lot better to ask people to help you then wake up during the last couple of days and realize you didn’t do anything. However, one rule still stands valid: as soon as you have the will to do it, things will happen, but if you simply expect to have everything solved by none of your efforts, then you can know in advance that those things can’t happen.

Editing and having multiple versions

If you truly want to make sure you’re on the right track with your bride’s father wedding speech, then you can easily make use of the fact that having multiple versions, using many variations for your father of the bride speech is a great solution. This should always become benefic for your needs, because if you are able to handle that then you are also able to deal with many changes and then, if for some reason you don’t like the changes you’ve made last time, you can just go back to a previous version.

From the beginning, from the very first day you start writing your father of the bride speech, you will unavoidably have to edit it multiple times. You can’t just expect yourself to have a readily prepared speech in a couple of days. Even if that happens, you will probably change it at least 20 more times before the wedding comes. And does this mean you are a bad speaker and you are a confused man? Definitely not, no way that would ever be true! But it does mean you are a man who pays attention to all details and being detail-oriented when it comes to wedding speeches is like gold – you can live without it, but it’s better if you have it.

Also, during phases of editing, try to go through multiple levels. For example, you will start by laying out some basic ideas that crossed your mind, which you have found to be useful and necessary in your speech. Then, one of the next phases your father of the bride speech will go through is the phase of developing simple ideas into more complex paragraphs. This is a fun part, as you will get to expand what you have already written down and then the inspiration you have is truly benefic for your life. Trust me: it is real way simpler to go in stages and probably use more time, more paper (or multiple Word documents on your computer) than just having a single version and trying to turn it into the final one from the first days.

It is also quite common for people to hang out with others who have more experience and more time to deal with such things. There are simply people who either have talents such as editing amazing wedding speeches, and others simply read so many books that their heads are full of great ideas. Now, meeting such people and making sure you will get to hang out with them, making sure you can get to use their ideas is a great thing, a benefic idea that will help you a lot. While it is simple to use your pride and tell everyone something like “nah, nobody would ever help me, I was able to do this alone because I love my family and I am competent”, people won’t respect you for anything like that. If you truly want people to respect you and if you understand the simple fact that having to struggle more alone doesn’t mean more success, then you will definitely hang out with your best friends, having them call their wives too. Women have a better understanding and usage of words and women can better express things, when it comes to love or to other strong, deep emotions. While men can do it as well, it is not the same. Obviously, when you are holding your father of the bride speech, people won’t necessarily know that you have done that. They will simply think that you took some extra free time and made sure to write it as good as you possibly could.

The idea mentioned above, the one that includes having valuable time and discussions with the ones dear to you – it is quite usable and will also lead you to having multiple versions and editing your speech like a professional.

Romantic movies

Now, you might probably think that this article is for your wife, but trust me that it isn’t! It doesn’t make you less of a man and it will definitely not bring you to shame if you want to watch romantic movies, and make sure that your father of the bride speech is a high quality speech in the end. There are many benefits brought by a romantic movie, such as:

  • You will always see things in unique ways. Some actors are so talented, that you will simply be melted into the movie and you will be able to live the story and to feel everything about it as you are watching. Also, these actors have been prepared to express gestures and body language elements. It is one of the most amazing and many times free sources to get to learn all about expressing emotions, thoughts, situations with your body language. Whether you acknowledged that or not, body language is one of the natural ways to express things that other people will be able to read. However, this reading isn’t reading letters or poems – it’s a special type of reading, when you look at someone and you realize how that person feels like, what his concerns and thoughts are and basically things along those lines.
  • The way of expressing thoughts in romantic movies will help you express some thoughts about marriage, about love, about how your daughter’s marriage can become a true success. It is a great thing for a father to show compassion, to show that he understands and respects his daughter, including her decision of marrying the man of her dreams. Of course, I’d never encourage you to copy anything from movies. However, I do encourage you to make sure about getting some flow of the specific language elements and unique ideas, which can only be found in some movies.
  • These movies often just inspire you to search for some types of books, for some types of romantic quotes. By doing that, you will be a lot closer to all of what a father of the bride speech truly means. As a man, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own emotions into the final speech. Even more – you are encouraged to do that, because your family will appreciate it, not to mention your daughter, the groom’s family and other guests too.

Looking for the right quotes

Based on the above section about romantic movies, you might have a couple of ideas and think about some types of quotes. However, using certain quotes isn’t just about selecting something that sounds pretty awesome or something you find to have a great message for your heart. This is a common mistake, because I have seen many cases, when people quote this or that and when it comes to reading the quote, it’s just like having a Google search on “random quote” or “random poem” and reading it out loudly. Why is the reality this bad? Just because these quotes, these poems aren’t chosen in a way to be linked with the event at which they are used.

Just to avoid all of these occurrences, I recommend that you look around carefully. First of all, you must understand the personality of your daughter and then the personality of the couple, because from this day on she isn’t alone, as she is getting married. You will no longer be able to refer to her as a single lady, but rather as to a married woman. This means that instead of “Alice” you will probably say “you two” or “you guys” or “you” (referring to them, as a couple). So, the first thing you must match is personality. This is true, because every single poem, every single quote that can ever be used has a personality. If you don’t feel or recognize the personality, just think of it as this: would it sound nice for them to hear that? Would they be able to appreciate it? If the answer is a double positive, then it’s probably a good one.

Furthermore, even if you have matched the personalities, things come to the actual message next. Whether you see it or not, whether you have a deep understanding or not, certain quotes are made to express certain things. While some quotes express things simply and more directly, other quotes will express their messages along the lines. Just because you didn’t see that hidden message along the lines and you had innocent intentions as to using that particular quote, it doesn’t mean that the young couple won’t get the secondary meaning, it doesn’t mean that the young couple won’t see the words behind the words. So, if there is anything like that, if you feel like a quote might be saying something even more than it actually is, then you should better talk to your wife, your friends and to as many people as possible. I am saying this because again, it’s not a problem and not a shame to have some bits of team work there.

The source of the quotes is yet another issue. I truly respect search engines online, because now you can easily access bits of information that you probably couldn’t access ever before. While that is true, it doesn’t mean that any quote website brought out by these search engines will be a useful one. You need to make sure to select sources wisely. If you are not sure about things – you can always go for a second option or look in multiple sources. It is not a problem if you spend more time seeking, because what you find in the end might be more valued.

The mood-setting of your speech

While you are holding your father of the bride speech, whether you have the microphone or not, you are the one who sets the mood. Every wedding speech must be established and edited in a way that it is able to set the right mood. Of course, the mood you will like to use is a calm mood, a state in which people are relaxed and able to comprehend what you are saying and there is no room for boredom.

But how do you make sure boredom is eliminated? Boredom is often caused by the tone of your voice and your body language. Actually, people want to hear your words, they want to get in touch with you to hear and to feel what you have to say, but they can’t do that if the circumstances you create don’t allow them to do that. Causing such blockages is a frequent situation, and you should try to avoid it as much as possible.

Then, if you are calm, people will also be able to relax while you are speaking. If you think that your stress and anxiousness can be hidden while speaking, it’s the worst and most fake idea ever. Especially when speaking in front of a crowd, it is impossible to hide what you are feeling inside and it is impossible to hide what kind of a man you are. So, if you are prepared in advance for everything related to your father of the bride speech, it’s not a problem. However, if that can’t happen, then you will have a lot of difficulties, especially because people will have an X-ray of your emotions!

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